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How do we clean large diameter pipes that are full of water and sediment/debris?

How do we clean large diameter pipes that are full of water and sediment/debris?

We could use a bottom cleaning nozzle and make multiple passes which require a significant amount of water and fuel not to mention time spent on the site. Or we could consider the use of an ejector style nozzle. Over the past 10 years or so these have become more prevalent in the industry. Some of the issues with the current nozzles on the market is they tend to clog up from the debris, i.e., rags and large stones. Enter the SWEAGLE®.

SWEAGLE® is the only nozzle and without any comparison the best combined highly efficient pipe cleaning nozzle with built-in ejectors system on the market. It not only incorporates our patented tube technology, but also our air flow design that we use on the BL SWIPER® Line.

Just like BL SWIPER®, SWEAGLE® works perfectly in pipes where the project is to remove a lot of material in sewer and storm pipes, at the lowest working pressure.

In pipes filled with water the capacity of the built-in ejectors in the SWEAGLE® will demonstrate their outstanding efficiency in not only removing the water, but also the efficiency of removing the debris and cleaning the pipes.

In pipes with higher water levels, the ejectors create an extreme negative pressure, utilizing water in the pipe in combination with the water supplied from the jetting truck. The result is close to a doubling of the volume of water cleaning the pipe.

The Sweagle an also be operated in dry pipes as well as in moving the debris.

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