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Rotating Nozzles

Rotating nozzles are a good option when the task is to clean the inner wall of the pipe. The rotating nozzles are commonly used to remove grease or other build ups in pipe. Rotating nozzles are also used to make the final preparation of a pipe before relining takes place.

The classic rotating nozzle has a thrust part with a water directing shaft, a rotating body mounted on the axle and a top that holds the rotating body in place. The construction is based on a finetuned play between the shaft and the rotating body and through the angle or size of jet inserts, the body rotates when exposed to water under pressure. The entire construction is based on using the water as the bearing, which does not make the classic rotating nozzle suitable for recycling water. Recycling water contain particles of sand and the risk is great that these particles will lock the rotating body. In most cases the nozzle will not be reparable.

The past century the slow rotating nozzles have become very popular, mainly because of the cleaning power and strength of the cleaning jets. Service lifetime and models able to handle recycling water is two other reasons.

The best slow rotating nozzles on the market are not only able to clean grease and other softer build-ups in pipe, but also harder material, heavier roots, and other severe obstacles in pipe.

A recommended rotation speed is approx. 100-500 rpm. At this speed the water jets stay well gathered also more distant from nozzle. A centralizing sled is a good option to get an even removal of material 360˚ around the pipe.

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