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Turbine & Milling Cutters

Trees have an essential role making our cities and gardens attractive with a significant environmental roll by improving air quality, reducing stormwater runoff etc. However, if tree roots enter a wastewater pipe, they can cause severe blockages, reduce flow, cause overflows of sewer content, or damage the pipe.

Mechanical removal of roots is the most common method. On the market you find a various number of water driven cutters. Many designs need care after use due to lubrication by water and will easily jam. To forget greasing after use often result in a very short service lifetime. 

Our LUMBERJACK® series of cutters are used all over the world for removal of roots, light concrete, grease, mineral deposits, tuberculation, protruding laterals, chemical build-ups and much more.

The LUMBERJACK® series of cutters are known for their performance, long service lifetime and low maintenance. The LUMBERJACK® has sealed, grease lubricated and water-cooled bearings, meaning they need no lubrication after use.

For severe blockages of hard material and when other cutters simple can’t cut it, the PAIKERT™ Impact cutters are the natural choice. These cutters are low speed, high torque impact cutters, supplied with motor, creating the impact through the pressurized water, while the rotation is done by the impact movements. The impact cutter can work completely under water, cut harden concrete, stubborn chemical or mineral build-ups or thick heavy root growth.

Contact us at AquaTeq® and we will be happy to assist you with the best solution for your cutting problem.

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