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Severe Blockage Nozzles


From the very beginning NozzTeq® was asked by our customers to develop a nozzle to break open blockages and ice blockages. We developed the GLOBAL ICEBEAR® which is designed with three front jets directed towards a center point together with rear thrusting jets.

Collaborating closely with our customers and received requests for an ice removing nozzle working efficiently to open up difficult stoppages, ice blockages and could be used clearing material to get the pipes flowing again.

The GLOBAL™ series of cleaning nozzles are in the Tier 1 group of nozzles but differs from others in the group due to their higher level of efficiency. GLOBAL™ HIT and GLOBAL ICEBEAR® are available from 1/4""thread up to 1-1/4". Each thread sizes have different jet sizes available to adapt to nozzle capacity to most common jetting trucks / vans / trailers.

Some of our customers prefer chisel nozzles supplied with four front jets and fewer rear thrusting jets. The front jets consist of one center jet and three angled jets direct towards pipe wall. Our own series of Chisel nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel with an efficient balance between thrusting power and front opening jets. Chisel nozzles, which can also be called Tristar, Point or Quatro nozzles, are available both as Tier 1 (drilled jet holes) 1/4" up to 1-1/4” thread, or as Tier 2 (with exchangeable jet inserts). The nozzles can be supplied with stainless steel jet inserts or with ceramic inserts, depending on the need of the customers. The Tier 2 nozzles can easily be adapted to any pump capacity. Tier 2 Chisel nozzles are available with 1/2" up to 1-1/4”" hose connection.

FIR® is another Tier 1 type of nozzle that many of our customers use to remove ice and blockages. They are extremely popular for removing paper, wet wipes, or hard packed sludge in pipe. All FIR® nozzles have a pointed shape from top to bottom, which allows them to effectively work their way through different type of blockages. FIR® is supplied with a center front jet and thrusting rear jets in two levels. The Fir nozzle resemble a Step drill, in that as it opens a small passage as it proceeds froward the next set of jet increase the opening until the blockage is open ana the pipes are flowing again.

FIR® Pointed is a Tier 2 nozzle, meaning it is equipped with replaceable jet inserts, allowing perfect adaption to any high-pressure pump. FIR® Pointed is supplied with four front jets, like Chisel nozzles but with a Christmas tree shape supplied with thrusting rear jets in two levels effectively pushing the nozzle forward through clogs of various kinds. FIR® Pointed is designed for use with hose sizes of 3/4" to 1-1/4".

Contact your local NozzTeq representative to obtain more information.

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