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Pipe Cleaning Nozzles


Sewer and Storm Cleaning nozzles comes in many varied sizes, shapes, and styles and each has distinct levels of efficiency. They are used in both storm, sewer (drain) pipes, culvers, and siphons. Cleaning nozzles designed with high efficiency are more costly than less efficient standard nozzle. The investment of a high-efficient cleaning nozzle will result in being a big money saver, due to saved water, diesel, less wear and tear of the jetting truck and reduction of person-hours.

With increased environmental awareness, it is easy to understand that the need to use less diesel and water, to get the job done, not only minimize the environmental impact but also minimize operational costs. It is a prudent business decision to calculate the total operational costs instead of only looking at the purchase cost of the nozzle.

These category of Cleaning nozzles include specific types of designs depending on the cleaning task. All cleaning nozzles need to have the power to move material in pipes. They come with different names like; Bomb, Grenade, Bulldozer, Flounder, Floor Cleaners, Torpedo, Heavy cleaning Nozzles, Traction Nozzles, JAWS®, BL SWIPER®, C-RAY®, MANTA® or simply Powerful Nozzles.

Tier 1 Cleaning nozzles are the simplest version with the least efficiency and shortest service lifetime. This is due to the drilled holes for water outlet in the nozzle body. Over time when the drilled holes wear out, the entire nozzle becomes much more inefficient resulting in the use of more water/fuel and time. Tier 1 cleaning nozzles have their place. Smaller diameter pipes and pipes with bends (30˚/45˚/90˚), where nozzle size is crucial and where more advanced nozzles, due to their size, might have difficulties to pass.

GLOBAL™ Ground and GLOBAL® IceBear are two extremely popular Tier 1 cleaning nozzles. With a round and flexible design both types perform at the top end in Tier 1 segment.

STANDARD NOZZLE GR are also used in cases where a smaller nozzle is required, i.e., smaller pipes or pipes with difficult bends.

Cleaning nozzles with the Tier 2 classification, are designed for more general cleaning, where there is a reduced amount of debris in pipe. Tier 2 nozzles have no scientific interior design but are supplied with exchangeable jet inserts. The jet inserts have a superior design that improves the performance as compared to Tier 1 nozzles. Examples of Tier 2 cleaning nozzles are MULTI-GLOBAL®, FIR®POINTED, GLOBAL®SP, GOBLIN® GRENADE and MULTI-GLOBAL® Guided nozzle. MULTI-GLOBAL® Guided nozzle allows guidance of the nozzle from mainline into the lateral.

Tier 3 cleaning nozzles have a scientific proven interior design that reduces the turbulent flows and pressure drop inside the nozzle as water pass through. The design, together with exchangeable jet inserts, reduces the total water consumption and allow lower rpm on the truck/unit. Maintaining an efficient, long, well gathered thrusting rear water jets, available at different angles, give the perfect solution for each individual cleaning project.

Example of Tier 3 cleaning nozzles are the BL SWIPER®, C-RAY®, MANTA® and JAWS®, and the GOBLIN® series. The Goblin series is available with various rear jet angled at 0˚, 0˚+ 2˚, 0˚ + 5˚, 10˚ + 30˚ and 15˚ + 30˚. The outer design of GOBLIN® resemble the design of a Grenade or Bomb. The difference is the inner design where GOBLIN® is a Tier 3 nozzle while most Grenades and Bombs are Tier 2, i.e., without any water directing design inside the nozzle.

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