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LUMBERJACK® Turbine Cutters

LUMBERJACK® is a high speed, low torque cutter designed for use with the water pressures generated by most sewer jetting or combination trucks. The LUMBERJACK®, is used all over the world, to remove mainly roots but also light concrete, grease, mineral deposits, tuberculation, protruding laterals, chemical build-ups and much more.

The LUMBERJACK® cutters are available in different models for optimal cleaning effect. LUMBERJACK® series operate in pipe sizes from 3-inches (75 mm) up to 48-inches (1200 mm). Each model cleans the inside perimeter of the pipe with barium filled links or links with hardox cut to size. They are also supplied with a removable frontknife for severe blockages. The rotation speed of the cutter could reach as high as 50 000 rpm and depending on model, they can operate with flowrates as low as 40 LPM (10 GPM) up to 950 LPM (250 GPM).

The bearings are sealed, grease-lubricated, and water-cooled. That means the LUMBERJACK® is practically maintenance-free and need no lubricate after use. The water-cooled bearings rarely need to be replaced. Average Life span for a LUMBERJACK® cutter ranges from 7- 15 years.

If you are looking for a long term, reliable and effective cutter, able to handle several different pipe sizes, contact us at AquaTeq® and we will be happy to discuss and advice what LUMBERJACK® model suites your needs the best.

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