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Autumn has arrived

Autumn has arrived

Well Autumn has arrived, as our thought turn to fall, leaves turning those beautiful fall colors and Pumpkin Spice, it time to prepare for the cleaning of storm lines. As those leaves fall and the weather gets colder, we have to think about the cleaning of those storm line, that can become blocked.

Before we reach the stage were the lines are completely blocked, it may be wise to just flush and vacuum out those storm line before winter hits.

An effective tool for doing that would be the C-RAY® series nozzle.

Depending on the pipe size there are two versions. The C-RAY® 200 is designed for lines from 8” -24”, were as the C-RAY® 400 s for the larger lines of 15”-60”. The C-RAY®S with the patented tube system, which reduces the amount of fuel and water, and effectively cleans the lines, by moving the debris towards the manhole.

We cannot fail to mention for the recycler truck the use of the MANTA® Bottom Cleaner for 14”-60” lines. With it’s unique design and carbide coating inside the nozzle to reduce the wear from the recycle water. The MANTA® is designed with an interchangeable rear plate to accommodate 8, 10 or 12 jets depending upon the pump capacity. Also, the MANTA® can be operated on standard clean water units.


All our nozzles are jetted specifically for the pump capacity of the truck, taking into consideration GPM, PSI, hose size and length to establish the proper hose line loss.

If those lines do become blocked the design of both the C-RAY® and MANTA® is such as it will push through and open the lines up.  If it is apparent that it is a hard blockage, then a penetrating nozzle or cutter will be needed.  But before that happens as we stated it maybe wise to conduct some preventive maintenance before that happens.

For more information on the C-RAY®, MANTA® or any of our other nozzles and cutter, please give us a call.

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