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Article number 2-11670-C07-JC


SWEAGLE® performs extremely well in water filled as well as dry pipes. The secret lies in the patented advanced construction of the ejector system in the SWEAGLE®. Owing to this fact, it is by far the most efficient ejector nozzle on the market today.

The main characteristics of SWEAGLE®:
The SWEAGLE® is designed to work with fresh water as well as recycled water.
It has a powerful and efficient ejector nozzle system capable of dewatering the pipe
It removes sand, sludge, and gravel.
It removes material all the way to the pipe wall.
It performs equally well in waterfilled pipes as in dry ones
It exterior cover will not harm the pipes or installed liner.

It is designed to work at lower pressures to reduce the use of water, fuel, and time, which results in cleaner pipes and less stress on the environment, equipment, and personnel.

NozzTeq® always strive to improve our knowledge as well as the performance and efficiency of our products. This always been one of primary missions, both with existing products as well as new developing new products.

We listen and learn from our customers, along with their experiences, needs, and knowledge to deliver the most optimized nozzles and cutters, perfectly adapted to the customer’s equipment, too not only increase their efficiency but to reduce the amount of wear and tear on not only the infrastructure but also their equipment and personnel. The focus is to decrease the water and diesel usage per project to be able to considerably lower the total cost.

The market has for a long time lacked a flexible ejector nozzle which effectively uses the existing water in the pipe in combination with the waterpower from the jetting truck. SWEAGLE® works efficiently in waterfilled as well as dry.

Technical data

Connection 1 1/4″
For recyclers Yes
Front jets 1 x 1/8"
Length x diameter 11“ x ø 6.7“
Pipe dimension Water filled pipe 10" - 60", regular pipe cleaning 10" - 32"
Rear jets 3 x 1/8" ejector + 3 x 1/8" cleaning jets
Max pressure 3625 psi
Weight 19 lbs