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Pipe & Channel Cleaning Nozzles

The most common way the past 50 years to clean sewer, drain and storm water pipes is to use water under pressure supplied from a jetting unit. The investment of a combination or jetting truck is severe. But when it comes to pipe cleaning what is the key to success? To make a simple analogy, we can describe the jetting unit as a drilling machine. A drilling machine without efficient and adapted drills for each individual job has no function.

The same thing is adaptable to a jetting truck. The action is at the end of the hose at the cleaning nozzle.

Pipe cleaning is a matter of removal and transportation. Transportation is made through powerful water jets. The relationship between water flow and pressure is very important, but often misunderstood. To flush a line is no big deal, but to clean it – that's a matter of skill. The number of draws a nozzle must make in a pipe to clean it, create wear, damages, costs and unnecessary burden on our common environment. It is easy to understand that 2 draws with a nozzle in a pipe is cheaper than 8.

NozzTeq® core business is to assist our customers with the right nozzle for the job, set up for a perfect match with each individual jetting truck.

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