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PAIKERT™ Impact Drilling Cutter

Article number SB90


The PAIKERT™ is a low speed, high torque impact cutter designed for more sever blockages. When conventional cutters simply cannot cut it, consider the PAIKERT™. PAIKERT™ have successfully been in use
worldwide for over 30 years.

Whether you have got a pipe full of hardened concrete (up to 5000 PSI), stubborn chemical or mineral buildups, protruding taps or thick heavy root growth in pipes, the PAIKERT™ is your best alternative.

The machine is the most capable on the market due to its patented “Hydro-Torque” impact drill motor. It is designed to work with today’s powerful jetting engines and does not require lubrication after use.

We can customize a variety of different cutting accessories as well as provide technical assistance for unusual problems thru a network of some of the most experienced people in the business.

General technical info

The PAIKERT™ is a low speed, high torque, impact cutter. Typical working specifications are impacts of approx. 600 blows per minute at 120 rpm. The drilling head rotation is a direct result of the impact of the motor piston. This action is completely water powered. Therefore, the drilling head cannot come to standstill when contacting obstacles.

The six changeable thrusting jets provide the machine with the propulsion to reach the problem area.

The counterweight is used to provide the machine with additional weight, that often is needed to absorb the recoil from the powerful impact action.

The patented “Hydro-Torque” motor is the heart of the machine. Water pressure supplied by a standard sewer cleaner causing the impact and the drilling action of the motor. The spent water is directed out the front through low pressure vents to lubricate and cool the cutting wheels and out the sides and rear to move the debris.

The PAIKERT™ offers three separate operating modes:

  • Impact & Drill
    The most effective mode for hard deposits. Most of the material is pulverized by the powerful impact of the cutting head, detaches from the pipe wall and is flushed out.
  • Drill only
    The obvious choice for precise, clean cuts to remove protruding laterals.
  • Impact only
    Removing the drilling mode enables you to use it as a ramming tool with as little damage as possible, like a camera, plug or another cutter.

Accessories and drilling tools

The machine is used for a variety of cutting options.
A special blend of carbide is used for cutting concrete, hardened deposits, taps, etc. For roots, simply remove the carbide bits and install saw tooth blades made of hardened steel.

The center of the cutting head accommodates either a center bit or tow ring. One Hydro Torque Motor can be used in a various pipe sizes simply by mounting different cutting heads and installing the motor in different sled sizes to match the size of the host pipe.  to the machine and changing the distance plates on the sled assembly.

Technical data

Connection 3/4″, 1″
For recyclers No
Length x diameter 15 inches
Max working pressure 1450 psi
Min water flow at 1450 psi 58 us gpm
No of sleds 3
Other information With counterweight. from ø10" adjustable sled.
Pipe dimension 4″ – 8″
Rear jets 6 x m6
Weight 22 lbs.
Connection 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″
For recyclers No
Length x diameter 17 / 34 inches
Max working pressure 1450 psi
Min water flow at 1450 psi 65 us gpm
No of sleds 4
Other information With counterweight. from ø10" adjustable sled.
Pipe dimension 5" – 28"
Rear jets 6 x ¼″
Weight 40-190 lbs.