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LJ300 Spare Parts & Accessories

Article number LJ300-SP03-C02


We have every included part; screws, nuts, washers, frontknifes, thrusters, service kits etc for each of the different Lumberjack® series. Please contact us if you need guidance, or if you can´t find what you are looking for.

Technical data

Other information Chain plate
Other information Pull plate for lj300-sp03-c02
Other information Thruster 1¼″, no jets
Other information Towing eye
Other information Front knife
Other information Carbide front knife
Other information Key for thruster
Other information Service kit
Goods thickness 15 mm
Height 15 mm
Inner diameter Dn 400 – 700 mm (16″– 28″)
Length x diameter Ø340 mm
Outer diameter 340 mm
Pipe dimension Dn 400 – 700 mm (16″– 28″)
Weight 8 kg
Length x diameter 190 x ø370
Other information Front knife expander plate
Outer diameter 370 x 190 mm
Weight 3 kg