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LJ050 Hardox Reinforced Cutting Chain

Article number LJ050-CC03


The strength of the cutting links for LJ050, are developed to handle the power of the cutter. Use only chain supplied by manufacturer since other chain will have the risk of braking pipe or can cause LUMBERJACK® getting stuck in pipe. For increased service lifetime each cutting link is supplied with welded hardox at the outer ends. LJ050 utilize 1 piece cutting link, mounted in the centre of the turbine. Spare sets of cutting links are sold in sets of 5 pcs ( per pipe inner diameter).

Technical data

No of links 5
Pipe dimension 75 mm (3″)
No of links 7
Pipe dimension 100 mm (4″)
No of links 9
Pipe dimension 125 mm (5″)
No of links 11
Pipe dimension 150 mm (6″)