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LJ100 Sleds

Article number LJ100-S04


Are your sleds worn or do you wish to supplement your cutter with other sled sizes than first supplied? We are happy to assist. When adding new size of sled remember to order the proper size of cutting links. All sleds for LJ100 are made of hardox material and with a design optimizing the performance of the cutter in pipe. The sled sizes available are 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm and possible 300 mm (4”, 6”,8”,9”, 10” and possible 12”).

Technical data

Pipe dimension 100 mm (4″)
Pipe dimension 125 mm (5″)
Pipe dimension 150 mm (6″)
Pipe dimension 200 mm (8″)
Pipe dimension 225 mm (9″)
Pipe dimension 250 mm (10″)
Pipe dimension 300 mm (12″)