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Article number SALE-2-11140S-125-NPT


GLOBAL ICEBEAR® is one of our most popular nozzles in the GLOBAL™series, supplied with three front jets, angled towards the centre of the nozzle. Due to their lightweight and compact construction they easily manoeuvre in pipe and effectively open more severe blockages in pipe sizes from 1 1/4" up to 4"(other versions from 2" up to 16").
GLOBAL ICEBEAR® is supplied with thrusting rear jets and three front jets.

GLOBAL ICEBEAR® is made of harden steel or harden stainless steel. A low jet angle on rear thrusting jets and well-balanced jet sizes (rear and front) assures good travelling power upstream as well as good power, bringing material back.  

GLOBAL ICEBEAR® belongs to Tier 1 nozzle group, but because of the construction you can expect better performance than general for Tier-1 nozzles. The outer round shaped design prevent nozzle from getting stuck as well as makes it easy to manoeuvre past and through obstacles.


Technical data

Connection 1/4"
For recyclers No
Front jets 3 x 0,6 mm
Pipe dimension 1 1/4" - 4"
Rear jets 4 x 1,25 mm
Max pressure 4350 psi